Tuesday, September 18, 2012

kkb to fraser's hill

photo: obligatory photo with the clock tower at fraser hill's town center.

had a sudden thought about going somewhere further for the 3-days long weekend due to the malaysia day holiday, and saturday saw me driving from kulim at ungodly early morning hours towards the small town of kuala kubu bharu in selangor along with the bike, from where i'll begin the climb up fraser's hill. yes, it's a bit expensive and time-consuming to drive long distances like this, but considering i've not visited fraser's hill before, oh well, why not?

photo: reaching the gap; ~9km more to the peak.

with the 2nd road between the gap and peak now open, the old odd/even hours system for ascending/descending using the original one-way road is no longer in effect. the old road is now used for uphill traffic only, while the newer road is used strictly for coming down, and there is no more having to wait for turns going up and down the final stretch to the peak like how it used to be. also it appears that the old route is more recently resurfaced and hence in much better conditions than the newer route used for descending.

photo: archway before 'the gap' guardhouse.

originally, this was meant to be a warm-up for another bigger climb the next day, but unfortunately, a slight lapse of concentration during the descent resulted in me taking a tumble while negotiating one of the many twisty corners. nothing too serious, but it was enough to put a halt on the remaining plans for the weekend. sigh...

photo: abandoned guesthouse and suspension bridge at 'the gap'.

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kuala kubu bharu - fraser's hill - return, via federal route 55 & 148.
total distance cycled: 86km

elevation profile (from gps tracking):