Saturday, March 17, 2007

The "Good-Morning" Flower

actually, i do not know the name of this flower. why 'good-morning' flower, then?

the first time i saw this flower was in the morning, as i was leaving for work. and the moment i stepped out from the front door, i noticed the pretty white flower nearby. but when i returned in the evening, it was no longer there...

the next morning, another flower appeared to greet me. and as before, it was nowhere to be seen by the time i returned. and this cycle keeps repeating. sometimes, two of them will bloom together in the morning...

anyway, they won't be here for long. why? truth is, they are just the flowers of a weed plant that appeared while i was away for holiday. and they'll have to be removed soon, or the lawn may be filled with them sooner or later.

and in place of good morning, we'll have to bid good bye...

* * *

update: this is actually Passiflora foetida, a.k.a stinking passion flower.

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