Monday, November 19, 2007

Sunrise: Teluk Tempoyak, Penang

sunrise at teluk tempoyak (tempoyak bay), penang. arrived too late to capture a nice scene of the sunrise, no thanks to the idiotic credit card machine at the petrol station. apparently, it cannot connect to authorise the payment, and yet it lock up my card for a few minutes and kept retrying, and leaves me no way to take out the card. and when the machine finally gave up trying to connect and release the card, the station attendant retry it and again... all in all, it cost me more than 10 minutes' delay. stupid system design.

and then, i missed the turn-in to teluk tempoyak... seems that the only signboard pointing there is a small sign at the entrance of the road showing the road name. and then, i took another wrong turn and ended up at the chalet area instead of the jetty. let's blame telekom malaysia for this. why? cos my home broadband has been down for a few days already (still is), and i can't use Google Earth to check my route.

and by this time, the sun was already high above the horizon and it's starting to get too bright for photo-taking. no point to make my way to the jetty anymore, and just take what's available. yeah, i know there are obvious lens flare in the photos. sigh...


  1. Eh kawan.. teluk tempoyak only famous in ikan bakar and fishing only.. u shld go war museum very near there..