Friday, December 19, 2008

eye on malaysia @melaka

had a few hours to kill while awaiting to attend a dinner function at night, and not sure where to go. originally had wanted to take a ride up the new 'taming sari' tower, but the lack of parking and snaking queue drove us away. and we ended up at the ferris wheel instead...

didn't get a chance to visit this while it was originally sited at the titiwangsa lake in kl, and now it has been bought over by the melaka state and is permanently sited at the rivermouth of melaka river.

it has just started operating here around a month ago, and the whole area is obviously not properly spruced up yet, with bare earth surfaces abound. the view from up above is nothing to shout about too. artificial reclaimed lands, elevated road that rivals the ride in height, the new ugly 'keris' tower nearby, and rows of uniform reddish industrial-looking roofing of the nearby shophouses are definitely not my ideas of must-sees in the proclaimed historical city. oh well... maybe it's just me that's already familiar with this city...

ticket price for malaysians is $10 per person. and i ain't got no pretty girl to model for me for the photo below, so... sometimes you've got to get down and dirty yourself. please excuse yours truly for spoiling your appetite. j/k.

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