Tuesday, August 7, 2012

gerik to titiwangsa r&r

photo: lookout point at titiwangsa r&r

in the middle of the climb: f**k, there's no way i'm going to do this again.
reaching the titiwangsa rest stop: finally...
during the long, fast descent later: hell yeah, let's do this again!

photo: resting under the shade of a small tree.

the weather was nice most of the way, other than the haze this time of the year. it was foggy early in the morning, and stayed cloudy until a little past noon. but it was hot during the climb out from pulau banding back to gerik late noon later.

titiwangsa r&r/rest area is located at roughly the highest point on the east-west highway route, 1,050m above sea level, and 67km from perah r&r in gerik. temperature was cooler up here, and there was a constant breeze blowing by. the store here was open although there were very limited food selection due to the fasting month. i was worried that it'll be closed and hence carried over 4 liters of water, plus some food, to last the whole trip (don't want to risk having to drink the water off temenggor lake later...).

photo: please excuse the trash bin - it was there and i needed something to prop up the bike for photo...

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gerik (hentian perah) - pulau banding - titiwangsa r&r - return, via federal route 4 a.k.a. the east-west highway.
total distance cycled: 137km

elevation profile (from gps tracking):

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