Monday, May 26, 2008

Bangalore Palace

bangalore palace - with the entrance fee at rs.200 for foreigner, it's seriously not worth it for such a short tour with nothing much to see really. well, unless you're interested in the nude paintings hanging everywhere inside there, that is... apparently the place is under renovation, as evident by the many furnitures and others messily strewn all over.

not much photo as well, as i refused to pay the exorbitant rs.500 charge for camera usage. wtf... however, the tour guide conveniently asked for a little bribe in exchange for closing one eye on me taking photos in upstair areas with not many visitors present.

one of the (non-nude) paintings hanging on the wall. i'm told that all the paintings are done by the previous rulers.

no photos of the palace exterior either. for some reason that i don't understand, i'm warned not to take photos around the outside of the palace. why? uh.. how do i know. it's an open area, and there's no such signboard prohibiting photo-taking. plus, the place is regularly used for various functions and events, what's to prevent people from taking photos?!

and lastly, a photo with me in it - just so you know i'm still alive...

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