Monday, March 19, 2012

bridge to pulau bunting

a.k.a "satu lagi projek kerajaan barisan nasional" to cheat the taxpayers' money... why build such an expensive bridge to an uninhabited island?

a few years back during the construction of the bakun dam in sarawak, a timber company installed iron bridges over some rivers to facilitate their logging activities, and those bridges at the same time created a safer link for the native people living in the deep interior areas to travel out to town for basic necessities, medical helps etc.. but after stripping bare all the valuable trees from the area, the timber company moved out and dismantled those iron bridges with little care for the well-being of the locals. after some local uproars, a replacement wooden bridge was built, and that bridge was swept away by heavy river current not long after...

and here, we have such an extravagant 2km+ concrete bridge lying in the middle of nowhere for no one. there is not even a proper access road leading to the bridge - the last kilometer or so is unsealed rocky path wide enough for only one car to pass through.

kulim to bunting island in sedaka, yan, kedah via lunas/padang serai (136) - gurun (k824/67/1) - sedaka (k144) - bunting island bridge; and return via yan (k1) - gurun (k146) - padang serai/lunas (1/67/k824) - kulim (136)

total distance cycled: 180 km

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