Monday, March 5, 2012

taiping, and the first century ride

Photo: at taiping lake garden

kulim to taiping via sungai tengas (K907) - selama (K7) - kubu gajah (A6) - bukit merah (A111) - semanggol (A4) - kamunting (A7) - taiping (A2), and return via kamunting (A2) - pondok tanjong (A7) - kubu gajah (A7) - selama (K7) - sungai tengas (K907) - kulim (136)

total distance: 184 km (including wrong turns, duh!)

apparently i picked a wrong time to go to taiping lake, as there appeared to be some sort of fishing event going on, with crowds all around. what was meant to be a rest break turned into a stop, snap a photo, bye-bye kind of visit instead... anyway, finally did my first century ride (100 miles) after last week's pengkalan hulu trip fell short of a few kms to make it.

Photos: new and old train crossings over bukit merah lake; and hainanese-style chicken chop at wan li restaurant, taiping


  1. hello your blog is so gorgeous! I love all your pictures and how you capture the essence of the place so well! I love the picture with the bicycle! good job! my best x

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  3. Great blog? Very helpful for my own planning